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Brick By Brick: Lessons from Lego (Book Review)

There is no shortage of business books about companies that lose their way, and then do a dramatic turn around. Some are more relevant that others. Brick by Brick by David Robertson caught my attention because it is about an iconic toy that is, at the moment, popular with people of all ages. The book first came to my attention when we were stopping at a bookstore bookstore in Saratoga Springs, NY last summer. My then 7 year old, a big Lego fan, and avid reader handed the book to me suggesting that I might enjoy it. He was right; I enjoyed reading the book and also learned some useful things.

While I had heard stories about the reasons behind the recent surge in Lego’s popularity, I had not realized both the scope of the changes the company made, and the depth of the problems the company had. Lego’s story is one of a company losing track of it’s core vision while trying to diversify and create market opportunities. Robertson explains the rise and fall, and rise of Lego in an engaging s…