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Lean Architecture

When I was a new programmer, the career path that appealed to me was to be an software architect. The architect was the person who had the vision of how the system worked, and the work of the architect (if done correctly) set the stage for all good things in a project, coordinating the development, requirements, and anything else  that you need to build a system. One thing that troubled me was that many architects I knew didn't code, considering the coding a distraction. Having worked on a project or two early in my career with a non-coding architect who was reluctant to spend time helping the team address how difficult his vision was to execute given the languages and frameworks we were implementing with, I thought that something was amiss with the idea of a non-coding architect.

One of the off-shoots of specification heavy projects (no doubt staffed by many analysts and non-coding architects) was the agile software development movement, which has as one of it's principles mi…