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Are You Done Yet?

Johanna Rothman recently wrote, commenting on Joshua Kerievsky's proposed definition of done. Both posts are worth a read, if for no other reason than to better understand why we have such a difficult time defining what "done" is, and why defining "done" is one of the major challenges for teams  trying to adopt agile practices.

Thinking about both Joshua's and Johanna's points I wonder if the difference isn't similar to a discussion of whether principles or practices are more important to be successful when adopting agile methods. On the one hand following  practices diligently allows you to develop good habits and even to get some good results early on. The challenge comes when it's time to reflect and improve on your practices. Without a good understanding of practices it's hard to optimize.

Similarly, defining done earlier in the process can cause problems if you are thinking about the meaning of "done" the wrong way.  If "…